The Process
Tara will come to your home, assess and listen as you share what your space challenges. Together you'll decide what to re-purpose and what does not work. During the process she will address your concerns and frustrations. Tara will snap photos of your space, examine traffic patterns, and take measurements to create a functional and harmonious space.

She will review notes, your design ideas and pictures, study the foot print of your space, consider your lifestyle needs and put together a comprehensive proposal, one that considers your budget.

Upon returning to your home, Tara will begin the transformation, moving furniture, placing art and accessories perfecting your outlined vision completing the project, leaving you with a comfortable, unique space professionally tailored to suit your needs.
Shopping for additional pieces needed to complete the space both retail and wholesale locations.
singles, seniors, downsizing, combined households

(Quotes available upon request)

"She helped me transform my living room from a room we spent no time in, to my favorite room in the house!" - Heather Nelson
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